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This film combines our favorite activities sports and music exploring the origins of hand games that have been played by young Black girls for generations.   Tracing the beginnings of the games all the way back to the slavery era, the film's collection of illuminating voices – including musicians, music educators, and ethnomusicologists – trace a fascinating cultural history that explains the significance of hand games, particularly in the evolution of popular music from jazz all the way to hip hop. The film also explores hand games' influence on style and individualism everywhere from the playground to TikTok videos today. And it also questions why so much of the popular culture to come out of hand games has been dominated by men, when young girls were its original creators. An enlightening, unexpected, and charming film, BLACK GIRLS PLAY will make you think differently the next time you hear a kid playing a hand game or chanting a playground rhyme – and recognize just how significant an art it has been across the American story. We will be joined by three award winning creators, Marsha Cooke, Michèle Stephenson and Joe Brewster.



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Each month features original artwork profiling women trailblazers who will lead Team USA in the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Paris. Next year's Paris Olympics will bring us full circle, 124 years from the first Olympics (also in Paris) where women were first allowed to compete. Will we finally reach gender parity?

Thanks to the talented women artists in our community, it will be one of our most successful projects! The calendar is meant to elevate the stories of women whose contributions push our society forward. Too often, their contributions and achievements are overlooked. Instead of waiting around for this recognition, we have designed this calendar to celebrate their achievements.